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1970s and ’80s NYC Graffiti Art Show: Phillips Auction House Gallery | Jan 7, 2022.

Linus Coraggio—The Existential Weld by Brad Melamed - Howl! Arts

Linus has been chosen to be in a “blockbuster exhibition” (as the curator, Arnold Lehman, called it) of 1970s and ’80s NYC graffiti art at the Phillips Auction House Gallery in January 2022.

This show features 25 of the indisputably top aerosol masters such as Lady Pink, Rammellzee, Dondi, Futura 2000Lee, Fab 5 Freddie, Dr. Revolt, Al Diaz, and Zephor, to name a few.

Linus will finally gain full deserved recognition for his invention of a new (in 1982) genre of street art he dubbed “3-D Graffiti” and be included in the great pantheon of graffiti artists from this explosively creative period. 

His work in this seminal show will include early and later street pieces mounted on actual no-parking signposts with vintage street signs as well as examples of his sculptural street art style furniture which includes found urban metal and actual signage.

Photo and video documentation of Coraggio “outstalling” his renegade street works from “back in the day” will also be on view.

His inclusion in this historically important retrospective of graffiti art draws attention to how 3-D graffiti created a new crossover link/lynchpin between the 2 previously separate genres of street art and graffiti while also introducing a 3-D counterpoint to the exclusively 2-D media nature of both those two urban  style categories.  Because his work was “outstalled” on the street it was street art, but by the personal application of paint marker scrawled comments and statements it simultaneously also became graffiti.

In addition, the act of “graffiti-izing” the stark metal sculpture surfaces made each piece visually more interesting and also able to speak socially relevant thoughts to the Public.

“3-D graffiti co-opted the best aspects of street art and graffiti and added a third dimension, it was also like a sort of more physical graffiti,” says Coraggio.

The exhibit will take place in the recently opened spectacular 32,000 square foot space at Phillips on Park Ave. and 56th St. and opens to the public on January 7, 2022.