August 23, 2014

La Maison d'Art makes Coraggio a “Permanent Artist”

Works by Linus Coraggio have been put on permanent display at La Maison D’Art gallery in Harlem at 259 W 132nd St.

Linus Coraggio Mosaic
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The gallery boasts a full backyard sculpture garden featuring 22 of Coraggio's outdoor works.

The garden itself was designed by Coraggio “from the dirt up” with an eye toward striking a lovely balance between sculpture display space, sculptural seating, and plantings.

In the garden there is also a huge and intricate wall mosaic by Coraggio which took him a year to finish, and his most recent addition to the gallery is a sculptural window gate visible from the street.

Hours are noon to 6pm daily or by appointment: (917) 533-4605.