Coraggio News

December 13, 2023 Champions—Holiday Exhibition

Coraggio featured in “Champions—Holiday Exhibition”

A boxing-themed show on the sweet art of boxing. All sales to benefit retired professional champions who are in need of assistance. Featuring work from over 15 artists including an original Keith Haring/Linus Coraggio collaboration.

OPENING: December 14th, 2023 • 7–11pm

Ideal Glass Studios
9 West 8th Street (near University Place)
Curated by Bailey Lalonde and Anthony Haden-Guest

February 1, 2023 Coraggio and Haden-Guest Partner to Create Couture

Just Passing Over NYC by Linus Coraggio and Anthony Haden-Guest

Since Anthony Haden-Guest’s and Linus Coraggio’s meeting in 2017 there have been many collaborations, the most recent being a line of apparel with images of their collage creations.

This one features the alien invasion of New York City. Click here to purchase from The Ilon Art Gallery shop.

Visit the Ilon Gallery to see more work by Coraggio.

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