September 12, 2014

Weld of the Week #2

Harley Rocking Chair (2006)

Harley Rocking Chair (2006) - sculptural chair by Linus CoraggioThe idea came from a visit to NYC Harley-Davidson (which is—strangely—located in Queens, NY) about 8 years ago with a childhood friend, who’d bought his first Harley there in 1982 and knew all the old-school managers and mechanics by their first names or nicknames. When I mentioned I did metal art, Bobby “Wheels” was only too happy to walk me to the back and let me rummage through their dumpster. That‘s where the two gas tanks came from—they’d been in real crashes and have some road rash on them. I did not have the idea right away to make a rocking chair out of them, but when I sat on them it was a no-brainer. They are pretty comfortable at the angles I put them!

—Linus Coraggio