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October 18, 1995

A piece about the last days of Gas Station/Space 2B
A piece about the last days of Gas Station/Space 2B

October 1, 1995

A mention/fanfare for Coraggio's Gas Station/Space 2B in the wake of its closing

September 24, 1995

A New York Times article about the last days of Gas Station/Space 2B

Coraggio quote:

“This is one of the last venues for unusual art work, alternative parties and experimentation.”

Click here to read article on The New York Times' website.

September 16, 1992

Gas Station/Space 2B gets named “Best Sculpture Garden” by the New York Press

November 1, 1989

An in-depth critical analysis and narrative of the Rivington School and its history.

Click here to read it in its entirety.

January 1, 1987

Paper salutes both Gas Station/Space 2B and “the redoubtable” Linus Coraggio in its New Year 1987 issue.

October 1, 1986

A brief introduction to the Rivington School, the Sculpture Garden (Gas Station/Space 2B) and the artists who made it all happen (i.e., Coraggio et al).

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