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November 1, 1988

In this feature page in the style-and-home magazine Domino, the author touts the brisk sales of Linus’ furniture at Barney’s New York

Coraggio quote:

“My first pieces weren't very comfortable; but I learned to put the ornamental touches away from where the body would rest.”

October 1, 1988

An overview of Coraggio's furniture pieces in Hi Fashion (roughly the Japanese equivalent of Vogue magazine).

Rolling your mouse over the article, you will find an enlargement of Coraggio’s “The Memory,” accompanied by a Japanese translation of his comments on the dual-chair piece (from the center of the right-hand page).

In the middle of the right-hand page, you will see Coraggio’s “The Memory,” accompanied by a Japanese translation of his comments on the dual-chair piece:

Translating it back to English, we get:

“Although I am relatively interested in politics, I don't want to impose my views. To me, this work expresses a particularly Jewish feeling of being chained to the memory of Nazism.”

Coraggio has been working to interest The Jewish Museum in New York City in acquiring "The Memory" for their permanent collection.

September 1, 1988

In 1988, House & Garden magazine ran a series called “Chair of the Month” in which they paired a celebrated writer with a chair chosen by the magazine staff and had him or her write about the chair.

Coraggio’s “East Village Gothic” chair got matched with no less than Joyce Carol Oates—one of the most distinguished figures in American literature!

Linus met her years later.

She remembered the chair.

May 12, 1988

A nice profile by Suzanne Slesin for The New York Times.

Of Coraggio’s artworks, she writes, “sometimes tough and predatory-looking, they can also be lyrical and romantic.”

She also makes specific mention of Coraggio’s “Hammer & Sickle” Chair.

Coraggio quote:

“[some of my chairs] have got to be uncomfortable—people in New York don't sit down very long anyway.”

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