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September 6, 1985

…wherein Coraggio gets the attention of New York Daily News “Club Hopping” columnist Dinah Prince

In the article, he is quoted with one of his stated goals:

“…to someday weld together a battalion of army tanks in the shape of the Pentagon.”

July 1, 1985 Fairpress

Although Michael Blum — who wrote this review for the now-defunct Fairfield County, CT newspaper The Fairpress — was not entirely won over by the exhibit (a showcase for East Village artists, curated by Linus), he still responded to the power of Coraggio’s imagery.

May 1, 1985

A plug from The New Common Good for this 1985 art show featuring—and curated by—Coraggio.

January 1, 1985

The New Common Good was a monthly paper published on the Lower East Side in the 1980s by Marvin Jones and Chris Huestis.

The January, 1985 issue featured this thoughtful article about Leon Golub and Linus Coraggio, where both are interviewed about art and its role in society.

Coraggio quote:

“I want to give people messages—which are my feeble attempts of contributing something to avoid doomsday.”

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