Linus Goes to France

Le Barcarès, France
Le Barcarès, France

Linus Coraggio has been invited (along with friend and fellow NYC artist Al Johnson) by the French Ministry of Culture to do a residency in the coastal town of Le Barcares, Franceshowing existing works and creating public art for the town during his stay.

In conjunction with the municipal engagement, there will also be an exhibition of Coraggio’s works at a private gallery, Maison des Arts (although the names are coincidentally similar, there is no connection with the NYC gallery that features Coraggio’s work, La Maison d’Art).

Coraggio will be in France from April 5th to May 15th, 2015; the Maison des Arts exhibit dates are TBD, but it will start sometime before the artist's arrival and continue for some time after his departure.

Maison des Arts, Le Barcarès, France
Maison des Arts, Le Barcarès, France

What's more, the show could travel to Paris and Barcelona as well (nothing final on that yet).

To keep the focus on these happenings abroad, the planners have asked us to refrain from selling Coraggio's art online until the Le Barcares exhibit is over in late spring.

We are honoring that request: while the site itself will remain active, no online sales will take place via the site from Christmas 2014 and continuing through, potentially, June of 2015.


Prices of Linus Coraggio pieces are available on request, and sales can still be arranged through offline communications. Click here to contact us.

We invite you to stay and explore the siteview the artworks, learn more about the artist, etc. The only thing missing while Coraggio is in France are prices and the ability to make purchases.

Be sure to check back throughout early 2015 for updates on Coraggio's adventures in Europe.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions.